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Modo and Chair (Mars needs mates) doodle
Made a little doodle of Modo and Chair from my fanfic. Not completely satisfied with how Chair came out in this one. I had a little trouble with the inking and such, but I like Modo in it and  over all  I think it turned out cute .

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(W.W.T ) here again my dear’s with another chapter this has been fun I laughed a lot writing this one. For those of you wondering the reason this fic is rated mature even though the most that’s happened has been some minor swearing is because of things I have planned for future chapters. Also for the person who asked Chair’s name is not a typo (I’m sure I’ve made some “cough several” somewhere but that’s not one) She really is named Chair just like the piece of furniture you sit on, and yes Chair’s full name is awful but I have my reasons for it. That being said…or um written please enjoy the next chapter

Disclaimer: You know I know so let’s get on with the rodeo. I do not own Bmfm and I make no money from this story it is for entertainment purposes only .The only thing I do own is My Oc Chair and the idea for the story itself.

[Chapter 4 Cold November Pain]


Charley parked in her usual out of sight spot when she reached the field surprised when she didn’t see Modo already waiting for her. (He probably just took the long way) she thought as she turned to lift the small box of parts out of the back of the truck.
She’d send Vinnie and Throttle down for the rest when she got up to the board. (Well maybe just Vinnie)  Charley thought with a frown.
Throttle hadn’t been looking so good before her and Modo had left to pick up the parts needed to repair the air conditioners and she was worried about him over doing it.
Of course if she let on that that she was deliberately trying  to coddle him in any way, the  Martian male was liable to take it the wrong way and march out here to try an prove he was perfectly fine or some equally asinine  he-man chest beating thing.
Charley honestly didn’t want ether of the males to going out in the heat trying to prove how macho they we’re only to end up over doing it and making themselves sick or worse.
Charley hoped Modo got back soon as well she knew he was probably just taking Lil Hoss for a brief ride to let the alien bike work out some  boredom, but she worried about the large male even if he was tolerating the high temperatures better than the other two.
Charley’s thoughts on the grey mouse were interrupted when she finally reached the entrance to the scoreboard and made her way inside.

Chair breathed a sigh of relief as the faded and crumbling brick of her apartment building came into view.
“This is it.” she said leaning forward and slightly to the side as the pointed it out to Modo.
“ Here?” Modo asked glancing dubiously up at the building as he pulled Hoss over to the park next to the shabby looking apartment complex.
A frown curling the edges of his mouth Modo stared around at the dilapidated state of the surrounding neighborhood before turning to give Chair a quizzical look as she stepped down from the back of the bike to stand on the cracked and broken cement of sidewalk in front of the rundown apartment.
“This is the place” Modo said skeptically as Chair straightened up tugging bottom of her skirt into place as she stood.
“ Yeah.” Chair said looking around at the surrounding area.
“ I know it looks kind of rough but it had the one thing I needed when I was looking for a place.” Chair said looking up at Modo.
“ Oh? What was that?” Modo asked glancing over at the building and then back at Chair curiously.
“ It was Cheap .”Chair said with a shrug the corners of her mouth curling into the ghost of a smile.
“ I’ll bet.” Modo said looking back up at the pock marked and graffiti covered building again.
Chair shrugged again absently rubbing at her wrinkled skirt with one hand.
“Well thank you for the ride.” Chair started biting her lip before continuing.
“ I don’t suppose I could trouble you or one of your friends to pick me up again sometime tomorrow so that I could have a chance to talk to Charley about my truck do you?” Chair asked bouncing nervously on the heels of her feet.
Chair worried her lip, as she stared up at the building a moment before glancing over at the large male out of the corner of her eye.
“ It’s just I don’t actually have my own phone at the moment I’ve been using the payphone on the corner and when it comes to things like my truck I prefer to talk in person and…”Chair  continued to babble nervously until Modo cut her off with a laugh.
“Whoa! Relax and take a breath. It’s fine.” Modo said with a chuckle.
“I’ll pick you up myself first thing in the morning if it’ll make you feel any better. It is more or less my fault you’re without your own ride at the moment. “He said with an apologetic expression.
“ Well I suppose I could be gracious enough to let you take some of the responsibility for my current predicament”  Chair said teasingly a relieved expression passing across her face.
Modo laughed and smiled at Chair “.Alright I’ll see you tomorrow morning let’s say 8:00-ish see if we can’t get out and about before the worst of the days heat hits us.” He said revving the bikes engine getting ready to pull out.
“Alright it’s a date.” Chair said with a grin turning towards the entrance to the apartment building, completely missing the odd expression that briefly flitted across the large bikers’ expressive face in response to her choice of phrasing.
“Oh! Modo.” Chair said turning back around to face him again. “ I should be out here waiting for you. But if for any reason I’m not or you happen to get here early or something I’m in apartment ( 12 B)  It’s the one at the end of the hall on the second floor.”
“ Got ya apartment (12B) I’ll see you tomorrow morning take care ma’am” Modo said with a wave.
Chair watched him pull out onto the street before turning and walking into the building and up the stairs to her apartment.
The first thing Chair did upon shutting her apartment door (after hanging up her keys) was shimmy out of the awful skirt and chuck it directly into the garbage. Before making her way tiredly over to the bathroom shedding clothes as she went.
Chair paused a moment to pull the handful of bobby pins that had come loose from the (at this point) disheveled knot on top of her head .Running her fingers through her hair in relief as the tension on her scalp released.
Chair took a moment to study her reflection in the dingy bathroom mirror, noting the waxy past like look of her complexion and dark under eye circles the harsh light from the single bare bulb brought out.
“Well I suppose could at the very least, I could make an attractive zombie.” Chair said depreciatively as she took in the haphazard fall of her curls as they framed her face in a wild mess of corkscrewed frizz.
Turning Chair fiddled with nobs in the shower until the temp was tolerable stepping under the single stream of water .Letting it cascade through her hair and down her neck for a few minutes. Before laying her head tiredly against the stale wall and closing her eyes.
“Today was a long day.” Chair muttered as the warm water helped to rinse the sweat from her skin.” But as they say tomorrow is another day.” Chair said out loud opening her eyes and reaching for the shampoo.
“And things are bound to get better…right?” Chair said with false brightness as she squirted a quarter sized dollop of the green apple scented goo into the palm of her hands.
“ Right?” Chair said again her face taking on a pensive look as she contemplated her own words.

Modo arrived at the scoreboard just as the first dark clouds started rolling across the sky shading the field from the suns rays.
Modo blinked up at the sky.” looks like I made it back just in time .” He said tucking his helmet under one arm as he wheeled his bike next to Throttle and Vinnies.
“ Hope Charley girl didn’t have too much trouble getting those parts and the unit up here” Modo said as he walked into the part of the board the guys used as a sort of living/rec room.
To find Charley talking animatedly to both Throttle and Vinnie her hands gesturing wildly.
Vinnie looked up catching sight of Modo over her shoulder and broke out in a relieved grin. “Don’t look now sweetheart but I think our dilemma just walked through the front door and solved itself.”Vinnie said giving a nod in Modo’s direction.
Charley spun around and let out a relieved sigh as she laid eyes on the grey mouse. “There you are I was starting to think something had happened to you.” Charley said making a beeline for the large biker.
“ Sorry about that Charley ma’am I didn’t mean to cause you to worry.” Modo said apologetically placing a gentle hand on the mechanics shoulder and giving it a comforting squeeze.
“ Worry might be a bit of an understatement there bro” Vinnie said coming up alongside the petite mechanic.
“Charley girl here was just about two steps away from demanding an all-out attack on Limburgers half rebuilt tower just to make sure fish breath hadn’t gotten his fins on you.” Throttle added.
“ I’m sorry about upsetting you Charley I honestly didn’t mean to take as long as I did.” Modo said looking down forlornly at the small women.
“Oh …”Charley started looking up into Modo’s hangdog expression.
“ It’s alright I’m not actually mad. I know you guys can pretty much take care of yourselves when you have to. But.. I just worry about you big lugs sometimes.”
“ You know I care about you… about all of you, and I was just afraid you might have  had a run in with that plutarkian slimeball and ended up in trouble or something .”Charley ended with a sigh looking almost embarrassed for having gone on so long about her feelings on the matter.
Modo and his bro’s shared a quick look as he pulled Charley in for a quick hug. They all understood how hard that must have been for the female mechanic.
Charley could be extremely demonstrative when it came to expressing affection, but openly vocalizing it was a completely different matter.
She was always trying to present such a strong front, She’d had to owning and running her own business at such a young age as one of only a handful of female mechanics in all of Chi-Town on top of being located smack dab in the middle of one of the roughest neighborhoods in the area their Charley girl had, had to be tough just to survive.
Charley pulled out of the hug a little awkwardly giving Modo’s chest a quick pat with the palm of her hand. Turning suddenly Charley started across the room at a brisk pace.  
Shaking her head and sighing as she passed a smiling Vinnie who opened his arm’s for a hug as well while waggling his eyebrows at her suggestively.
“ Well if you boy’s will excuse me I’m going to get back to fixing these air conditioners for you before the heat fry’s any more of Vinnies brain cells.” Charley said kneeling down next to a scattering of parts and tools spread across the floor beside one of the malfunctioning air units.
“Ouch! That hurts sweetheart it really does.” Vinnie said adapting a mock wounded tone and clutching at his chest.
Charley glanced over at the white mouse and cocked one eyebrow, as she waited for the other shoe to drop.
“Of course I’d be willing to forgive that if you offered to kiss me and make it better.” Vinnie added flexing one arm and grinning cheekily. Causing the mechanic to roll her eyes as she turned back to the parts she was working on.
“ I’d tell you what you were welcome to kiss Vinnie but knowing you, you’d take it as an invitation.” Charley said dryly.
“Oohoo denied again, I’m starting to sense a pattern here.” Vinnie said with a flinch as he shifted his attention to Modo.  
“So what did keep you out there so long big guy?” Vinnie asked.
“Have to admit I was wondering the same thing myself there bro, even the long way round doesn’t usually take quite that long?” Throttle added looking over at Modo curiously.
“ Yeah well… about that I may not of run into ole stink face per say, but I did find myself in a bit of a predicament.”  Modo said turning to face the mouse leader.
“ Everything alright Bro?” Throttle asked a concerned look passing across his face.
“Well yes and no.”  Modo said rubbing behind one ear before proceeding to explain about his run in with Chair and the resulting problem with her truck door.
“I hope you don’t mind Charley but I sort of volunteered your services.” Modo added looking over at were Charley was still working on the fitting the last of the parts into the first air conditioning unit.
Charley snapped the last piece of the disassembled unit into place turned away from the air conditioner with a satisfied grin,
“ well that should just about do it.”  Charley said wiping at her forehead as she looked towards the large martin.
“And in answer to your question Modo by now you know me well enough to know the answer to that.” Charley added smiling over at him.
“ Just don’t make a habit out of offering free tows to everyone you cause property damage to, or I’ll never make any money.”  she  said with a laugh turning to place the siding back on the finished unite.
Modo gave a relieved smile in her direction,” Thanks Charley I appreciate it.”  he said. Watching as Vinnie made his way over to help lift the bulky unit and carry it over to the space Charley had rigged up for it.
“ It’s not a problem besides I actually kind of liked Chair she seemed…interesting.”  Charley said with a smile as she absent mindedly rubbed at her back watching as Vinnie positioned and plugged in the air conditioner.
“Yes! Its alive! ITS ALIVE!! Aahoohooa!!!”  Vinnie crowed as the unit sputtered and then began blowing a steady stream of cool air. Much to the relief of the overheated males in the room,
at that moment by a sharp resounding crack shook the walls .  Followed by the lights flickering then going out, plunging the inside of the scoreboard into sudden darkness.
After a moment of stunned silence Throttles voice cut through the inky blackness. “Well…isn’t this just peachy.”  he said his voice a blend of sarcastic exasperation.
The sounds of shuffling and shifting could suddenly be herd as they all slowly began making their way around in the dark.
“You know if you’re scared of the dark Charley babe I could always hold your hand for you.” Vinnies said his voice floating up to the left of where he had last been standing.
“Uh…Bro? ,That’s My hand.” Modo said dryly.
“  Oh…I thought it felt a little manlier than usual Vinnie said awkwardly. , Hairier to he added. “
“You could let go of it now you know.”  Modo said exasperated.
 “Oh right sorry about that Bro.” Vinnie said with a forced laugh.
“Not that there’s anything wrong with a little extra hair that is.” Vinnie suddenly went on.
“ I could totally go for that all-natural European look at least when it comes to you Charley girl.”  Vinnie said his voice suddenly switching places again.
A loud sigh suddenly cut through the dark followed by Throttles voice. “ Wrong hands again Vincent” he said with a dry tone.
The dark around them was suddenly broken by the beam of a flash light.
“ You boys finished or do I need to turn the light back off so you can get back to playing seven minutes in heaven”  Charley said wryly as she grinned over at the pair.
As Vinnie giving an embarrassed laugh quickly released both of Throttles hands from where they’d been clutched in his own, Grinning awkwardly over at the tan mouse.
Throttle continued to stare at him with one eye ridge raised a moment more, before shaking his head in exasperation at the younger mouse and making his way over to stand beside a still laughing Charley.
“Alright all teasing and jokes aside let’s see if I can’t get the power back on and barring that figure out where we last stored that old generator, I rigged up for you guy’s during that bad bout of ice storms last winter.” Charley said gesturing for Throttle to follow her in the direction of the fuse box.
“Think it’s just us this time or other parts of the city as well?” Modo asked making his way over towards the gap in the scoreboards face the Males used in place of a window.
“ Don’t know” Charley grunted as she fiddled with the fuse box while Throttle held the light steady for her.
“ But I know I pity anyone whose power may have just been knocked out. I know I wouldn’t want to be caught in this heat without some form of air fan based or otherwise.” Charley said giving a startled yelp and jumping back as something under her hands suddenly sparked.
“You ok babe?”  Throttle asked concernedly as Vinnie suddenly started in their direction.
“Fine” Charley said absently rubbing at her fingers while she stared into the contents of the fuse box and furrowed her brow. “Looks like the generator it is” She said turning.
Only to draw up short in surprise as Vinnie stopped in front of her and gently pulled her fingers towards his face, his expression series as he examined them a moment before giving her hand a mild squeeze and stepping to the side to let her by.
Charley stared up at him curiously a moment as Vinnie with an almost sheepish look on his face, attempted to avoid eye contact with her.
“ I think I remember seeing the generator over somewhere by the bikes”  Modo said taking pity on Vinnies obvious embarrassment. Between the two of them Modo wondered if they’d ever actually get around to saying anything seriously about their feelings for one another.
Turning away from Vinnie with a small frown Charley made her way carefully across the dark room. The white mouse watching her as she went his expression troubled, the sound of thunder rumbling the walls of the board, as rain began striking against the tin of the roof.

Chair woke up groggily to the sounds of Rain hammering against the glass of her window. The sticky feel of the (now sweat drenched) T-shirt she’d worn to bed adding to her discomfort in the apartments almost stifling air.
“ Gad what time is it?” Chair muttered as she rolled to her side to stare bleary at her little battery powered alarm clocks flashing red face.
Unlike the air conditioning it at least she could count on to keep working even during a blackout like last night. Chair squinted just making out the numbers 7:45 through the blur of her sleep clouded vision.
“ Crap!” Chair said shooting up. “ I over slept!!” she half shouted ,as she struggled to her feet and tried to force her still waking body in the direction of the bathroom on sheer will alone.
“ Crap! Crap! Crap!” Chair muttered stumbling across the room.
“SHIT!!!” She finished on a yell as she stubbed her toe against the door frame. Hopping on one foot the rest of the way into the small room.
Chair had just enough light from the window to see by as She made her way over to the sink. Chair paused pulling her tooth brush and toothpaste out of the Mirror/medicine cabinet before stepping into the shower stall and tossing her clothes back out in a heap.
Chair attempted to adjust the water temperature belatedly realizing that no power of course meant no hot water. Bracing herself Chair stepped under the cold spray anyway in the wild hope that it might help to wake her up further along with washing off the layer of sweat that had collected on her skin while she had tossed and turned during the night roasting in the apartment’s muggy air.
Chair had just finished yanking her still damp hair up and dressing in a pair of black tights and an old denim tunic top when there was a knock on the door.
“Crap!” Chair muttered again as she hurried across the room trying to put on her shoe’s as she went.
“ One second!” Chair called as she tried to walk and yank the back of her slipper up at the same time nearly tumbling into the door as a result.
“Ouch!!” Chair said pulling her hand back from where she’d braced it against the door frame to stare morbidly down at the inch long splinter protruding from it.
“I was born under a ladder I just know it” Chair muttered darkly as she stared at it.
“Umm…Chair? , You ok?” Modo said hesitantly his voice slightly muffled by the wood of the door.
“Yeah!” Chair called back pulling the door open as she did and gesturing for the large male to come in.
Modo stepped inside blinking as his eyes adjusted to the murky light filtering in through the dingy window. Pausing in place Modo glanced around curiously not saying anything as he examined Chair’s apartment.
Chair turned to look at the small living space as well, giving an internal wince as she thought about how it must appear to him.
Mattress on the floor and no furniture outside of a few boxes and one old folding auditorium seat in use as a catchall.( Heck her bathroom didn’t even have a door.) Chair thought with a cringe as she turned to look up at the Modo again.
“Sooo…”Chair said as Modo turned back to face her. Suddenly nervous Chair wracked her brain for something to say before the silence stretched too long.
Glancing down at her hand and then back up into Modo’s questioning gaze, Chair nodded in the direction of Modo’s Mechanical arm.
“ I don’t suppose that thing comes equipped with tweezers does it?” Chair asked wryly as Modo’s eye shifted to focus on Chair’s palm and the piece of wood poking out from it.
“ I’m starting to get the impression you’re a bit accident prone” Modo said as he examined Chairs hand a moment a concerned frown crossing his face.
“That might just be a bit of an understatement” Chair said with a laugh.
“Well how about it got any tweezers?” Chair asked again her tone half serious.
“I’m sorry to say it doesn’t” Modo replied looking back up at Chair with a warm smile, “ but I’m pretty sure Charley girl does in the first aid kit at the shop.”
“If you think you can wait until then?” Modo finished passing the extra helmet he’d been caring under one arm to Chair.
“ I don’t think I have much choice there since I don’t have a pair of my own at the moment.” Chair replied as she stared down at the helmet touched he’d thought to bring it for her.
“Well if you’re ready to head out I guess I am” Chair said gesturing to the door with a grin.
Modo smiled back at her. “Alright let’s get this show on the road” he said motioning for Chair to exit the apartment first.

The ride to Charley’s didn’t take very long but the steady drizzle of rain had soaked both Modo and Chair fairly good.
Chair shivered as she stepped out of the muggy drizzle into the air conditioned interior of the garage.
“This is what I get for wishing for rain” Chair said as her teeth chattered together passing her helmet over to a contrite looking Modo.
“Yeah sorry about the soggy ride” Modo said as he placed the spare helmet onto a small work bench before removing his own.
“Where is everybody?” Chair asked looking around the empty garage curiously.
“Their probably not back from picking up your truck yet is all, we all left about the same time so it shouldn’t be too long before they get here.” Modo said walking towards the door leading out of the main part of the garage and towards the cabinet were Charley kept the first aid kit.
“In the meantime let’s see what we can do about that hand of yours” Modo said glancing over his shoulder as Chair followed him into the small nook.
“ Oh I can do that Chair” said as Modo took her hand in his robotic one and lifted it up to get a better look at the sliver of wood lodged in the meat of her palm.
Modo frowned at the small piece of wood a moment before looking back up at Chair,
“You sound like Charley” Modo said with a chuckle as his gaze meet hers;
“she doesn’t really like to have anybody fuss over her ether.” Modo said turning to rummage in the kit until he found the tweezers.
Chair felt a blush spread across her cheeks not really used to having a male show this much attention to her. Modo shifted his focus intently to the palm of her hand as he tried to gently extract the small sliver from it.
Needing something else to focus on Chair found herself studying the top of Modo’s head, or more precisely the two red protrusions sticking out from it.
Her own curiosity finally getting the better of her Chair reached out and gently touched the tip of one antenna.
Causing Modo to give a startled jerk at the same time he gripped the tip of the splinter with the tweezers.
“ Ow!! “Chair yelped at the sharp pain that shot through her palm.
“Sorry” Modo said dropping the tweezers and reaching out to snag Chair’s hand again as he turned it to see the injured area. Causing Chair to blush again as his breath ghosted across her palm as he bent down to view it better.
“ I’m sorry to” Chair said looking at him in embarrassment.
“I shouldn’t have just touched you like that; I don’t know why I can’t seem to keep my hands off you.” Chair mumbled.
“It’s alright but for future reference, it’s not exactly considered polite to just suddenly touch that part of a Martians anatomy without permission. That area is…Sensitive” Modo said looking almost comically flustered as he gripped Chairs hand in his.
A loud cough suddenly cut through the room.
“Sorry to interrupt whatever exactly is going on here, but I thought I’d better let you two know we we’re back before whatever’s going on here progressed any further.” Vinnie said with a grin as he leaned against the wall right outside of the little nook.
Chair stared over at the white mouse Blankley a moment before suddenly blushing scarlet as it dawned on her how the last bit of their conversation had probably sounded to someone just walking in on it.
“That’s not.” Chair started
Only to be cut off by Modo hastily Blurting out, “ I was just trying to pull a piece of wood out of her hand!” Modo said.
“Whoa! whoa!! whoa!!! Hold up on Whatever you’re about to say Bro, I honestly  don’t need or want  any details concerning that part of your social life”  Vinnie said raising his hands as if to ward off anymore words from the now equally red cheeked Martian .
“WE WERENT DOING THAT!!!!”  Chair half shouted causing both Vinnie and Modo to flinch.
“I wouldn’t consider kissing a guy I just met let alone…”
“I mean not that he isn’t cute but…”
“What I mean is Modo was just… He was just…That is…I had a splinter.”  Chair finished lamely while rubbing at her palm.
An awkward silence stretched between them as the two males stared at an ever pinkening Chair.
 “You three do realize that we can all here you right?” Charley called from further out in the garage.
Followed by the sound of Throttle openly laughing,
“Aw come on Charley don’t go ruining the fun. I wanted to see how this played out.” He added with a soft chuckle.
Chair suddenly found herself wishing adamantly for the floor to open up beneath her.
Mars needs mates OC (Chair)
little doodle of my biker mice from mars Oc Chair (yes her name is Chair like the piece of furniture) from my fanfic Mars needs mates, that I decided to scan and color. I liked the way she turned out so I decided to go ahead and upload it to my gallery.
Mars needs mates (cheesy Romance cover)
So I was talking to a friend about the fanfic I'm writing an how it's shaping up to be a romance, and somehow we ended up on the topic of tacky romance novel covers. I think you know the kind I'm talking about, the old fashioned bodice rippers ( were one or both characters have long flowey hair and the guy's almost always shirtless). Yeah those ones, and thing lead to another and I ended up drawing/designing my own tacky romance novel cover for my fanfic just for laughs. But you know what? This was actually fun and really made me smile I may end up doing more for future fics not sure yet .

I sketched this up on some mixed media paper then scanned and colored it in Photoshop

'I do not own Biker mice from mars this piece of fanart just like my fanfic is donefor fun and not profit, I own only my Oc Chair.

Mature Content

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(W.W.T) here and I'm finally done with the next chapter, I'm a little tired so I'm going to keep this intro brief .I've had the best and worst of times writing and editing this chapter but unlike Charles Dickens who wrote A Tale of Two Cities. I am not paid per word. In fact I'm not paid to write this at all it's just something I've made up for my own entertainment and decided to share for fun. I know the concept of the guys being sensitive to heat isn't a new one. I've read plenty of drabbles and fics with that particular theme. I think it's even referenced In the third biker scholars amazing fic The First. I just don't recall what chapter since it has 74 of them there's also a funny one shot by Intrepidewarriors called Drizzle & sizzle that's pretty cute and funny. Oh also as far as I know there is no Chicago aspiring talent corporation I made it up (C.A.T. corp. get it?) *cough cough * my poor puns aside please enjoy the story.
This of course leads us to the disclaimer

Disclaimer: I don't actually Own Bmfm outside of a few comics Vhs's and recently thanks to amazon all three seasons on DVD in French.(and yes my computer can play region 2 disks) I make no money from this story. It and the Oc's involved are just the result of my overactive and sometimes twisted imagination. Also I apologize for any spelling or grammatical errors in advance.

"Also I would like to leave a special thanks to Youkai55 for the advice and review it was appreciated"

Chapter 3 ( One week since you looked at me cocked your head to the side and said Dude your furry)

[Chair One week later]

Chair wrinkled her nose at the rank sent of burnt egg filling the small living space as she desperately tried to pry the apartment's only window open in an attempt to air out the room.
(At least before a fire alarm went off somewhere else in the building) Chair thought.
Having already silenced the banshee shrills of her own small store bought smoke detector by ripping out its batteries when she couldn't find the off button.
Giving up on the window Chair made her way over to the door.
Propping it open with the beat up folding auditorium seat she kept next to it and Praying the scent of her failed attempt to microwave an omelet, wouldn't cause anyone stepping out into the stairway to call the fire department.
Chair Leaned up against the wall next to the open door with the doomed hope of getting some fresh air.
(Well so much for that great idea) Chair thought sarcastically trying not to gage as the smell of charbroiled yolks mixed with mold perfumed air from the stairway.
Grabbing her keys off the bent nail she had hammered next to the door for them.
Chair pulled the door shut behind her hoping that the brief bit of airing out had been enough,
to keep anyone from complaining to the landlord as she made her way down the stairs in a hurry to be on her way.
She had a potential job interview at 10:00 and it was already a quarter past nine. Chair new she should have been on her way at least twenty minutes ago but she had been starving.
In an attempt to further ration her dwindling food supplies. Chair had opted to skip dinner the night before,
With the plan to get up early and cook the last of the eggs that had survived the fall to the pavement earlier that week.
Thinking that having something substantial on her stomach might help with her concentration during the interview.
Only to end up sleeping through her alarm the next morning having tossed and turned most of the night.
The complaints of her empty stomach having kept her awake.
Thus, her harebrained idea to try nuking her breakfast this morning in an attempt to get something into her aching gut.
Now not only was she was running behind, she was twice as hungry then if she would have simply eaten the night before.
(Defiantly not one of my better plains)Chair thought belatedly, as she reached her truck door perspiration already causing the dress top she was wearing to stick to her uncomfortably.
“You'd think this heatwave could take a break for a bit” Chair said grumpily as she wrestled with the driver's side door.
Giving a frustrated growl When the door failed to respond even with the extra force she was putting behind her efforts to pry it open.
Throwing her hands into the air Chair stomped around and crawled in through the passenger side door sliding across the seat until she came to a stop behind the steering wheel.
Pausing a moment to try and straiten the absurdly tight and restricting skirt she'd squeezed into in an attempt to appear more professional at the interview.
Unable to tug it back into place while seated Chair gave up and fastened her seatbelt.
Happy that it at least didn't give her any trouble for a change that day, before pulling out onto the deserted street.
With the heatwave having spiked to temps in the hundreds by noon just in the last two days. Only those driven by necessity or desperation where bothering to venture out into the oven like temperatures.
Chair wasn't sure which of those two categories she fell into at the moment, but she was leaning towards desperate.
Chair looked up as she finished navigated some of the rougher patches of the street and caught sight of a few greyish clouds in the distance.
Mentally crossing her fingers as she refocused on the road in front of her,
“Come on Rain” Chair whispered as she pulled down the street that would take her to the building she was scheduled to have her interview in.
“No offense to Mr. Sunshine but we could use a break from all this extra attention we've been getting lately.” Chair muttered as she parked the truck.
Before climbing out of the passenger door again, tugging her skirt back into place as she hurried around the old ford towards the doors to the reception area.
“Please let me have made it here in time” she prayed out loud as she pulled open the glass door and stepped inside.
[Justice League announcer voice: Mean while at the Wrigley field scoreboardJ]
“We're going to bake to death” Vinnie stated miserably from his sprawled position in front of one of the fans the males had scattered around their hideout.
“If we could only be that lucky” Throttle muttered as he stood in front of the open door to the empty fridge the mice usually kept their root beers in desperately trying to cool himself down.
“How you holding up there bro?” Vinnie asked concernedly Glancing over at the other male,
With fur thicker and longer than either of the other two mice Throttle was taking the current heatwave the hardest.
“I'm hanging in there” Throttle said looking over his shoulder at the prone male draped limply across the couch.
“ How bought you?”
“ Need to switch off yet?” He asked gesturing to the fridge.
Vinnie stared at the open refrigerator door for a moment obviously tempted before flopping back down onto the couch and shutting his eyes.
“Nah! I'm good, besides you need it more than I do.” He said dismissively vaguely waving his arm in Throttles direction before readjusting the fan to blow more fully on him.
“Don't go trying to be all noble on me there Vincent” Throttle said with a laugh.
“Noble my furry backside I'm just too hot and tired to bother moving” Vinnie replied with a grin his eyes still closed.
Throttle chuckled before turning back into the cool draft from the open fridge door.
“You're not fooling me Vinnie but I'm still gonna take you up on the offer.”
“ Much more of this heat and I think my insides are going to boil out onto the floor” Throttle said leaning his head against the door frame with a groan.
“Well there's an attractive image for you” Vinnie said wrinkling his nose as he looked back over at his leader with a worried expression.
“Sorry I think the heats just getting to me” Throttle said with a tired sigh using his thumb and forefinger to rub at his eyes under his glasses.
“I'd have to agree with you there bro” Vinnie said sitting back up.
“Speaking of heat I wonder what's keeping Charley-girl and Modo with those parts for the new air conditioner”
he said glancing towards the entrance they usually used to get in and out of the scoreboard.
“I don't know” answered Throttle
“ but I hope they get back soon”
“ I'm not sure how much more of this I can honestly take” he said glancing in the white mouse's direction.
[Charley and Modo]
“Alright that should be all of it” Charley said setting a small box of parts into the back of her truck and wiping the sweat from her brow with a rolled up sleeve.
Turning Charley glanced up at Modo as he set down the Second air conditioning unit she had managed to sweet talk the price down on. When she gone in to find the parts she needed for the first one.
Charley frowned as she took in his haggard expression and the droop to his ears.
“ How you holding up there big guy?” She asked reaching up to rub his shoulder in concern.
Modo glanced down affectionately at the small female next to him as he replied.
“Don't look so worried. Charley I'm alright.”
“ I'll just be better when we can get back to the board and hook up these unites” He said with a smile gently covering her small hand with his mechanical one.
“The air works in the truck if you want to load your bike up in the back and try squeezing into the cab with me”
Charley said sliding her hand back down to his elbow and giving his arm a small tug in the direction of the truck.
“Thanks for that Charley girl.” Modo said eyeing the passenger side of the vehicle and mentally flinching at the thought of trying to fold his massive frame into the space in question.
“But I think that me an Lil Hoss will just meet you back at the board” Modo finished, whistling for Lil Hoss and giving Charley another smile as he climbed on.
“Well if you're sure” Charley said giving him one more concerned glance while walking around to driver side door and hoping in.
“I'll see you in a few then” She called out the trucks window as she pulled out onto the street ahead.
Laughing a few minutes later as her old truck was quickly over taken and passed by the burly Martian biker.
Who proceeded to show off for a few seconds before pulling ahead and disappearing down the road.
Rolling up the window Charley leaned back slightly and cranked the ac.
As she began humming one of the softer Guns and Roses songs that had been playing when the guys had turned on the radio that morning.
Absently singing one of the lines as she turned down one of the side streets to get to wriggly field.
“And it's hard to hold a candle” She sang softly slowing down slightly as her attention was momentarily caught by a women in a hiked up pencil skirt running full tilt down the sidewalk.
Chasing after what at first glance looked like a large dog carrying a shoe in its mouth. Only as Charley slowed to get a better look at it the less it resembled a dog and the more it took on the appearance of an ugly walking /running carpet that had been molded into the shape of a dog.
A jarring bounce from a small pothole refocused Charley's attention back on the road. When she glanced back around the odd duo had reached the end of the sidewalk and where rounding the corner out of sight.
“Well that's a little out of the ordinary” Charley muttered as she continued on her way down the street.
Then giving a little laugh, it said a lot about her life as of late when something like that barely registered on her Weirdar anymore.
Charley continued on, humming a few more lines from the song she had been singing earlier.
Modo pulled ahead of Charley Lil Hoss's powerful engine purring as she ate up the asphalt Feeling an excited tremor pass through the bikes frame.
Modo laughed while reaching out to give the bikes side an affectionate pat.
“Yeah I hear ya Hoss been feeling a bit cooped up lately huh girl?”
“Not much action these last few days I know”
“ Ole Fish face has been quite since we toppled his latest tower over, and with this fur frying heatwave going on we haven't exactly been getting out as much for rides.”
“You just hang in there girl”
“ Something or other will come up and the heat will pass soon” He said chuckling.
“And then before you know it we'll be back to our old routine tearing it up in no time flat” Modo finished grinning as he tightened his grip on Hoss's handlebars.
“Tell you what Lil Hoss how about we take the scenic route and let off a little steam before we get back to the field?” He asked revving the engine and turning down one of the roads that would have him circling around the backway to the field instead of heading directly there.
Feeling Hoss give a contented thrum as he increased his speed a bit.
Just then an orange blur burst from between a set of parked cars followed by a large Shaggy shape and two children, causing him to veer sharply to the side to avoid a collision with the odd bunch.
Modo swore in Martian righting his bike before turning back in time to see the smaller of the two children, who appeared to have hold of the beast's leash lose their desperate grip on it and fall face first into the pavement.
The biggest of the pair halting in their pursuit of what Modo assumed was a very large and extremely shaggy dog to bend down and help the littler one up.
Modo felt his heart clinch at the sight of the blood dribbling down the small face and chin from a busted lip.
Already in the process of turning his bike around as the injured child began to wail out their hurt to the world.
Pulling Hoss to the side Modo stepped off and quickly made his way over to the pair kneeling down to their level when they looked up at him nervously.
“Hey there” he said trying to hunch down to appear less intimidating.
“Everybody Ok?” He asked, even though he could see the little one wasn't, he still felt it needed to be asked.
“We lost Mickey and Morse fell down” the older of two (a little girl) said sniffling as she tugged the smaller male child towards her.
“I see” said Modo turning his gaze to the little boy.
“ Morse huh?” He asked smiling warmly through his helmets visor at the child who by now had stopped crying.
Wide eyed the little boy stared up at the large biker before slowly nodding his head.
“Well nice to meet you Morse, I'm Modo.” Modo said warmly.
“ How about we get you two out of the road and then see what we can do about that dog of yours?” Modo asked as he helped the little girl (who introduced herself as Sarah) to move Morse to the opposite side of the street.
Modo quickly walked back to Lil Hoss to fetch an extra bandana he had tucked in a side compartment, to help clean the blood off Morse's face.
“Alright hold still for a second longer” Modo said as he gently wiped the last of the blood from the small freckle dusted skin of the child in front of him Careful not to brush against the fresh split in the lip above it.
“Ok” Modo said taking a step back.
“ I think I've got the gist of things but do ether of you want to give me the run down on what exactly just happened here?” He asked watching the children before him.
The little girl (Sarah) glanced down at Morse before looking back up at Modo.
“ I told mom that I could handle taking Mickey for his morning walk today.”
“An well…Morse really wanted to help so, I went ahead an let him hold the leash.”
“ Cause Mickey's usually really good on his walks and stuff.”
“Only there was this big ole tabby cat that ran out in front of us…Mickey don't hate cats and he never hurts 'em, but he likes to chase 'em”
“When he did Morse was too little to hold him” Sarah finished sadly as she looked down at the tear stained little boy beside her, Her own eyes starting to water.
“Hey, hey now! Hold on its ok!” Modo said with a slightly panicked tone, his hands hovering around the distraught children.
“But we lost MICKEY!” The little boy (Morse) cried out and finished on a Wail, his sobs steadily rising in pitch as he worked himself up into a state.
“Alright hold on, Its gonna be ok!”
“ Just let me think for a second” Modo said as he tried to sooth the child to no avail.
“Tell you what how about I see if I can't find him for you” Modo said patting the little boy on the shoulder as he slowly settled back down. His cries dissolving into wet hiccups.
“There we go deep breath” Modo said standing back up and glancing around for any sign of the dog.
“He couldn't have gotten far”
“ You two stay here and I'll take a quick look around to see If I can't spot him” Modo said before giving a whistle for Lil Hoss.
Modo turned back to give the children a wave as he climbed up on the bike. While they openly gaped up at him and the self-driving motor bike in surprise.
“I'll be right back” he called as he started down the road in the direction he thought he had seen the dog take.
“Did you see that?” Morse asked his sister as the bike and rider disappeared.
“Sure did” Sarah answered awe filling her voice.
“How do you think he got his bike to do that?” Morse asked looking up at her his eyes wide.
“Don't know maybe he's a magician or something” She said with a shrug still staring after the burly biker.
“I guess that makes sense, he did have on kinda funny clothes” Morse said looking back after him as well.
Chair made her way back past the snobby security guard. Who after wrinkling his nose in obvious disapproval at Chairs slightly sweaty blouse and wrinkled skirt had directed her to the room they were using to conduct the interviews for the position.
Finding the room after accidentally walking past it twice a nervous Chair afraid of being late had rushed inside.
Only to catch her heel on part of the door frame and fly through the air with all the grace of a duck shot from the sky.
To land flat on her face at the feet of the salt and pepper haired women in a pair of half-moon spectacles and pantsuit conducting the interviews.
Who proceeded to openly gape at Chair in shock as she flopped in an undignified heap on the floor.
The women continued to stare her eyes widening even further as a horizontal and frustrated Chair hampered by the restricting skirt.
Let out a stream of fowl mouthed language that would have been worthy off any ship bound sailor before finally managing to struggle to her feet.
An awkward silence then ensued as Chair and the Women regarded each other. Before a flushed an embarrassed Chair finally broke it.
“Hi I'm here for the 10:00 o'clock” she said stepping forward while attempting to smooth down the skirt. (that she fully intended to burn later)
“I see” said the women coming back to herself.
“Ah .. yes You must be Ms. Noble then.”
“ I'm Mrs. Deborah Nivea we spoke briefly on the phone yesterday I believe.”

“Um.. please have a seat won't you” she finished gesturing to a lime green vinyl armchair set across from a scuffed and slightly chipped wooden desk.
“Thank you” Chair said making her way over to the unattractive piece of furniture and sitting down.
Flinching as her settling weight caused the cheaply made cushion to let out a loud squeak followed by a hiss of air reminiscent of steam escaping an old locomotive.
“Now Ms. Noble tell ..” Mrs Nivea started.
“ Chair.” Chair said interrupting.
“Beg pardon?” Mrs. .Nivea said starring at Chair quizzically.
“My name…I mean that is I prefer to go by my first name which is Chair” Chair babbled nervously fidgeting slightly with the hem of her skirt.
“Oh!” Mrs. Nivea said blinking slowly.
“ I thought that I had been mistaken and that it was a typo of some kind from our paperwork department” She finished on a mildly horrified note.
Glancing down at one of the print outs sitting under her palm on the desk.
“No my name really is Chair” Chair said giving a nervous grin when Mrs. Nivea continued to stare at her mutely.
In an attempt at humor Chair added
“Well it could be worse at least my last name isn't Barcalounger” she finished with a forced laugh.
Chair felt a sinking feeling in the pit of her stomach as she watched Mrs. Nivea's face take on that oddly cold distant look that people often adapted when they had already made a decision of the kind that never boded well for the person on the receiving end of it.
Walking back out of the building into the muggy mid-morning air, not even twenty minutes later.
Chair was more than certain that she had just bombed (as in failed on an atomic level) that particular job interview.
Not that she had actually wanted to work as a fill in receptionist for the Chicago aspiring talent corporation.
But it was a job and at this point what she wanted was out the window, because what she needed was a paycheck.
“Why can't just one thing go right?” Chair said on a sigh turning her face to stare up at the sky.
“Gee-gee if you can hear me up there could you please ask them to send something good my way.”
“ I'm starting to get a little desperate here and I could really use some help.” Chair said starring up into the cloudless sky.
(So much for the rain) she thought as she made her way down the steps and across the street to her truck.
Chair tiredly leaned her head against the driver side door as it suddenly occurred to her; that she was going to have to enter through the passenger side again.
Thumping her head in frustration lightly against the window with a dull thud before straightening back up,Chair began making her way listlessly back around the truck again.
“One thing, just one thing” she muttered as she started flipping through her keys as she made her way towards the opposite side of the vehicle.
During the course of her muttering Chair failed to notice, the large shaggy form barreling towards her on an obvious collision course.
An orange blur with stripes suddenly streaked between Chairs legs and vanished underneath her truck.
“What the hell!” a startled Chair said as she partially lost her balance and caught herself against the dinged side of the old ford.
Glancing down at the spot where the furry streak had disappeared behind the bottom left tire.
Straightening back up Chair had just enough time to register the sight of a very large Woolly shape hurtling towards her before it collided Knocking her flat for the second time that day.
Chair found herself staring up into the panting maw of what had to be the Hairiest dog she'd ever seen, as it half crouched half laid on top of her looking down into Chairs stunned expression with a pleased doggy smile.
Right before it proceeded to start licking Chair's face with an extremely wet and drool covered tongue.
“Ick gross!” Chair sputtered trying to simultaneously turn away from the slobbery barrage and shift the massive k-9 off her.
“Down Boy!”
“ Or Girl!”
“ Or ugh!”
“ Heck whatever you are! …just get off of me!” Chair finished sliding out from under the hairy behemoth.
Chair managed to make it back to her feet as the excited dog continued to fawn and lean against her giving an excited woof!
As he wagged his tail and caveated around her feet. After standing back up Chair belatedly realized she was now missing one of her shoes.
Glancing around she noticed it on the ground about a foot behind the large dogs back leg.
As if syncing were her gaze was the bushy beast suddenly turned and also noticing the shoe let out another exuberant sounding woof!
Before turning and scooping it up in his mouth taking off down the sidewalk at a brisk gallop.
“Wait!” Chair yelled chasing after him.
Which seemed to be exactly what the dog wanted as it picked up speed tail wagging like a propeller as it proceeded to lead Chair in a merry(for it at least) game of keep away.
“Give that back!” Chair called after the retreating ball of fur.
As she gave pursuit quickly realizing she didn't stand a chance of catching him with the ridicules skirt restricting her movements.
Chair paused long enough to hike it up her thighs, well above what may have been considered decent.
Her skirt now more closely resembling a miniskirt than functional office wear but freeing up her legs for Chair to better chase after the escaping doggy shoe napper.
Chair had almost caught up to him even with her current lopsided gate from her missing shoe.
When he rounded the corner Chair gave desperate leap just barley managing to snag the end of the leather lead the dog was trailing behind him.
“Gotcha!” Chair crowed triumphantly as the large dog came to a sudden halt his escape hampered by her grip on the leash.
Turning to face her the dog gave Chair a rather indignant look before making his way back over to her and dropping a now drool drenched heel next to one of Chair's freshly scraped knees.
The dog woofed once his tail slapping out a happy beat as he panted merrily up into Chair's face before flopping down and placing his massive furry head on her lap.
Chair stared down at the shaggy creature with bewildered exasperation before reaching out to give the dogs head an awkward pat and scratch behind the ear.
“Guess you just wanted to play huh big guy?”
“ But were the hell did you even come from?” Chair asked looking around in confusion at the nearly deserted street.
Outside of a few people driving by in their cars there really wasn't anyone about that she could see.
She supposed the dog might have jumped from a moving vehicle if the window was down but none of the ones passing were giving any appearances of slowing down or stopping so Chair really didn't think that was it.
Chair began worrying her bottom lip with her teeth as she thought before looking down into the friendly warm brown eyes of the creature currently using her lap as a pillow.
“Well I've caught you.”
“ Now what do I do with you?” Chair asked the dog who simply yawned before giving her a contented doggy grin obviously tired out from his previous game of chase and having no intentions of moving in the near future.
Chair picked up her slobber soaked shoe and climbed unsteadily to her feet her scrapped and mildly bruised knees aching a bit as she did.
“Alright my not so little bushy haired friend, I have a hunch you must belong to somebody.”
“ What with the leash you're wearing and as sweet as you seem to be, when you're not playing pranks that is.”
“So let's have a look around and see if we can't find who you belong to” Chair said, as she gave the leash a small tug to urge the dog to his feet.
“Come on sweetie let's see if we can't find somewhere out of this heat.”
“ If I'm sweating this much I don't want to think about how you must feel under all that hair of yours” Chair said starting back around the corner towards her truck with the dog in tow.
Before she'd fully made it back to her parked vehicle Chairs ears picked up the sound of an approaching engine differing from the sound of the previous passing cars.
Glancing back Chair noticed a large blue motorcycle pulling down the street behind her Chair started to turn away when she recognized the Rider on top of it.
(Modo?) Chair thought surprised as he pulled up next to her.
“Excuse me Ma'am I'm looking for… “Modo started to ask stopping as he recognized Chair himself.
“ Hey I know you. You're the lady with the unusual earth name”
“ who fainted at Manuals last week…Couch?”
“ no that's not it um..” Modo trailed of obviously at a loss as he continued to stare at her.
“Chair” She supplied re-adjusting the leash in her hand to a more comfortable position as the friendly dog, tail wagging enthusiastically tugged against it slightly in an attempt to get closer to the Burly biker.
“Nice to see I left such a lasting impression on you” Chair said dryly while Modo sputtered over a reply.
“Hey now that's..not exactly true.”
“ I did remember you I just didn't remember your name”
“ That is what I mean to say is…”Modo babbled his voice slowly fading.
“I'm just digging a bigger hole here aren't I ?” He said rubbing at the back of his helmet.
“More or less Chair” said wryly.
“Its ok I'll let you off the hook this time, Since you probably meet and rescue new people all the time.”
“But I have to admit my prides a little bruised”
“you guys left a rather lasting impression on me”
“ Then again it's not every day I met Bikers from Mars who also happen to be giant talking mice with psychic powers” Chair finished smiling at the disconcerted male in front of her.
“Yes ..well..Um speaking of rescues at the moment,”
“ I'm sort of on a search and rescue one myself.”
Modo said looking pointedly at the large dog that was now sitting on Chairs shoeless foot leaning heavily against her leg.
“Oh?” Who are you looking for? Chair asked missing the look Modo aimed at the dog.
“I'm looking for Mickey” Modo answered.
Causing Chair to give a startled laugh” Mickey?... As in the mouse?” Chair asked with a bemused smile.
Modo stared a moment at Chair giving her a confused look until it suddenly sank in what she meant.
Modo laughed himself giving his leg a slap before, glancing back at Chairs face noting her laughing eyes and the smile twitching lips.
“No this particular Mickey is of the large Shaggy canine variety and I know two little kids who are missing one who happens to match the description of your friend here” Modo said with a grin.
Chair glanced down at the more than large dog as he continued to perch on her bare foot.
“Oh! That's a relief. I was at a bit of a loss, trying to figure out what to do with him” Chair said with a relived smile. As she gave the dogs bushy head another pat.
“Uh? Ma'am are you alright?” Modo asked concernedly.
Noticing for the first time Chairs scrapped knees and disheveled appearance.
“Hmm?..Oh!” Chair said glancing down at herself; Embarrassed when she thought of how ridicules she must look with her white blouse soaked in a combination of dust an dog spit, her beyond wrinkled skirt rolled almost into no man's land and wearing only one shoe.
“I'm fine. It's just a bit of a long story” Chair answered with a chagrined expression as she looked back up into Modo's concerned gaze.
“You sure?” Modo asked glancing back down an suppressing a wince at the raw looking scrapes covering Chair's knees.
“Don't worry.” Chair said noticing the direction he was looking in.
“I don't think it's as bad as it looks , An I actually have a pretty high pain tolerance when it comes to things like this.”
“So it's not really bothering me that much” Chair finished mentally crossing her fingers at the little white lie.
A small whine drew Chairs attention back to the by now heavily panting dog.
“ Poor guy you must be over heating out here with all that fur” she said bending down to give the dogs ears a scratch.
“I know how he feels” Modo said sympathetically leaning over to give the friendly canine a pat as well.
Chair went to straighten up at the same moment Modo leaned over bumping her forehead against the bottom of his helmet.
“Oops Sorry about that ma'am” Modo said sitting back up.
“Ouch! I think this is becoming a habit for us” she said rubbing at the sore spot, while scrunching one eye at him.
“You know I'm starting to think my run ends with you are some kind of cosmic karma sent by Grandfather's Spirt to punish me for skipping meals.” Chair said wryly with a small smile to take the sting out of it.
“Oh I take it he didn't like it when you did that” Modo said with a chuckle.
“No not really he said it wasn't good for a growing or grown girl to miss meals” Chair said with a crooked smile.
“Can't say I blame him, I never liked the idea of pretty girls going hungry ether” Modo said. Looking at Chair , his expression blanking as what he said sank in.
“That is uh..I mean..” Modo said stuttering.
Chair felt something in her Chest warm slightly as she watched the big Martian blush and stumble over his words cutely.
Smiling Chair laughed “You know what thanks for that, Todays been kind of rotten and I could really use the complement right now” She said warmly.
“Here I think you better take our fuzzy buddy here back to his family” Chair said stepping down of the curb and pressing the leash into his mechanical hand, giving it a friendly pat as his robotic fingers gripped the lead before turning away from the flustered male with a little wave.
“If you'll excuse me I've got to go attempt to pry my truck door open so I can head home and get cleaned up” Chair said smiling at him over her shoulder.
as she started to make her way awkwardly (with only one shoe on) towards the old ford parked about five feet from them.
“Err.” Modo hedged as he glanced down at the panting pouch and then back up at Chairs retreating figure.
“Hold on a second” he said wrapping the dogs leash loosely around Hoss's handle bars as he stepped off the bike and walked after her.
Chair turned back around and stared up at him curiously as he came to a stop next to her.
“If it’s giving you trouble Maybe I can help you to unstick it” he said Holding up his mechanical arm and giving it a flex.
“Well it would be nice not to half to slide in from the passenger side” Chair said hesitantly looking between the large biker and the old truck.
“Always happy to be of assistance to a lady in need” Modo said following behind Chair over to the driver side door.
Chair used her key to unlock the door then gave the handle a tug frowning then looking up at Modo when nothing happened.
“Well that was my best shot” she said stepping to the side and motioning for Modo to give it a try.
“Let me have a crack at it.” Modo said popping his knuckles before nudging Chair a little further back with a gentile sweep of his arm.
Modo put his mechanical hand on the top part of the door digging in slightly as he tugged with his flesh arm pulling back forcefully only to have the entire door come off in his grip.
Much to the horror of a now Bug eyed Chair.
“Oh sweet Mother of …” Chair trailed off staring at the dismantled door in the Muscle bound males hands.
“Whoops” Modo said sheepishly looking over at Chair with an apologetic expression.
“Uh sorry about that Ma'am ...guess sometimes I forget my own strength” Modo said as he leaned the door up against the side of the truck.
Modo fidgeted a moment as he stared nervously down at chair as she closed her eyes and began muttering under her breath,
“Uh…what exactly are you doing?” Modo asked.
As a still muttering Chair cracked open one eye to glare up at him.
“I'm promising my grandfather I will never deliberately skip eating without good reason again.”
“ It's not worth the consequences” Chair finished darkly as she glared over at her decimated truck door.
“Yeah um.. Like I said I'm really sorry about that” Modo said rubbing the back of his neck in embarrassment.
“How exactly am I supposed to get home now?” Chair asked as she continued staring forlornly at her vehicle.
“I can't legally drive back to my apartment like this” She said gesturing towards the now doorless driver side.
Modo stared over at the truck with a pensive expression then suddenly perked up snapping his fingers .
“tell you what” he said looking back down at Chair.
“You wait here a few minutes and I'll return our hairy compatriot to his owners and come back and give you a lift to your apartment.”
“Well I appreciate that” Chair said running her fingers through her hair.
“ but what about my truck?”
“ I can't just leave it like this it'll end up stolen or hauled off” Chair said with a worried frown.
“Well I guess you do have a point there” Modo said thinking a moment, before moving towards the vehicle.
“Hold on a second” he said lifting the door back into place and bracing it while welding along the top and bottom of it, with the laser in his cybernetic arm.
“There I wouldn't recommend trying to drive with it like this, But that should hold until I can get back here with Charley and see about getting it towed back to the garage for you.” Modo said taking a step back to inspect his handy work.
“I guess that'll have to do” Chair said begrudgingly giving a tired sigh as she looked back up at the contrite mouse next to her.
Chair found herself caving as he looked down at her with an almost sorrowful expression that was somehow reminiscent of a kicked puppy.
“It's alright” she said looking back at her now lumpy and slightly melted door.
“You were only trying to help” Chair finished on another sigh. Thinking of puppies reminded Chair of the rather big one currently waiting on them.
Chair turned back to check on him just in time to witness one of the oddest games of tug and war she'd ever seen.
As a bored Mickey yanked against his leash enthusiastically only to be tugged back as the large bike shifted on its own and pulled the pony sized dog back into place with little to no effort.
“Uh? Modo” Chair said gesturing in the direction of the odd argument going on between the two.
“Oh! Excuse me a second.” Modo said making his way over to the pair and unwinding the leash from the bikes handles.
Climbing back onto the bike and pulling slowly over to the sidewalk the large dog keeping pace beside him Modo glanced over at Chair with a grin.
“I'll be right back just as soon as a make quick pit stop to return this fellow” he said turning and heading slowly back down the street carefully matching his bikes pace to the large dog's next to him.
(My life just keeps getting Odder and odder) Chair thought as she watched the pair turn the corner and leaned tiredly up against the almost uncomfortably hot metal of her sun warmed truck as she waited for Modo's return.
Fifteen minutes later a bare foot Chair (having chunked both heels in the back of the truck)
Was more than relived to see him making his way back down the street towards her as she tugged uncomfortably at the collar of her blouse in the stifling heat.
“I think we better get you back to your place and out of this heat’
“You're not looking so good and I'm not feeling much better Myself” Modo said as he pulled his bike up next beside her.
“So I've gone from pretty girl to not so good looking” Chair said a teasing smile curling the edges of her mouth as she walked over to stand next to the bike.
Grateful the sidewalk wasn't hot enough yet to do more then make her feet uncomfortable. Chair studied the bike for a moment trying to figure out how exactly to climb up in the still restricting skirt.
“That's not what I was trying to say” Modo said earnestly. Drawing Chair's attention and earning another smile at how cute and bashful the male became when he was flustered.
“It's alright I know what you meant” Chair said much to the large males obvious relief.
Chair gave his shoulder a gentle pat as she turned back towards the bike trying to work out how to proceed with her current clothing dilemma.
“Something wrong?” Modo asked turning to stare at her curiously.
“Well I've never been on a motorcycle before and I'm not really sure how I'm supposed to climb on with this skirt sausage-ing my legs the way it is” Chair said looking down at herself then back towards Modo questioningly.
“I think I have a solution for that” Modo said with a chuckle moving his tail to wrap around Chair's waist and gently depositing her behind him sidesaddle on the bike before using his tail to pull her up against him more securely.
“ Put your arms around my waist and hold on” he said revving the bike slightly.
Hesitantly Chair wrapped her arms around his waist as they pulled out. Only to tighten them and press herself further against Modo in fear as the picked up speed.
Causing the startled biker to swerve slightly as he felt Chair's Chest press firmly into his bare back, Blushing furiously Modo straightened the bike back out as he made his way back down the street. Swallowing thickly Modo called back to Chair over the roar of Lil Hoss's engine.
“So where to ?” Modo asked risking a glance back when he received no answer. Finding chair clinging to him her eyes shut tight.
“Hey now it's alright I've got ya, darlin.” Modo said giving Chairs waist a small squeeze with his tail.
“An Lil Hoss here isn't one to throw passengers unless they give her good reason”He added with a chuckle as Chair cracked one eye open and scrunched her nose at him.
“I promise to make a point to be on my best behaver then” Chair said Shakely as she finally relaxed her grip somewhat and sat back up.
Modo gave another chuckle as he turned his attention fully back to road.
“Were to?” Modo asked again picking up speed as Chair rattled off an address.
Chair leaned back a bit more careful to still keep her hands firmly around Modo's waist as they moved down the road. The sensation of air moving around them a relief as it helped to cool her sweat damp skin.
Chair looked up at the back of the biker in front of her noting the play of muscles visible under the dark grey of his fur and feeling the flexing of the six-pack adorning, his abdomen against the tips of her fingers where the rested around his waist as he shifted to maneuver the bike.
(Geeze he was ripped) of course she already knew that from when they had meet before, but she'd forgotten just how tall and built he really was.
All the mice had stood at least six feet and some odd inches but Modo himself had to be closer to seven feet. Chair thought as her eyes roamed back up him.
Or maybe it was just more prominent now that she had an opportunity to study him a little closer up Chair mused.
Before reminding herself that it was technically rude to ogle another individual so blatantly whether they we're aware of it or not.
Chair found herself glade Modo's back was to her as a blush tinted her cheeks as she thought about when she'd been caught doing that very thing not even a whole week before upon their first meeting.
Chair turned her attention to the safer scrutiny of the passing scenery as they made another turn down a mostly empty side street and Modo increased their speed a bit more the bikes engine drowning out the low rumble of thunder in far distance.
Unpopular opinion I know but hear me out.

Alright I would like to take a moment  to discuss a topic that almost everyone has an opinion on and almost nobody likes.  Mary sue's. The majority of us know Mary Sue's in general  as overly perfect characters that seemingly fall from the sky and into the Hero/love intrests lap.Who is then magically struck with a combination bolt of love/lust and instantly develops an almost unhealthy fixation on them.Now I know most of us are predisposed to hate Mary sue's upon sight,but I would like to take a moment to remind you why you shouldn't immediately go into burn the witch mode when you discover one. A good portion of the time Mary sue's are among some of the first Oc's created by new fic writer's and you shouldn't be to hard on them because their not trying to make an overly perfect or flat charecter .Come on lets face it. None of us are perfect people and the majority of us that make Oc's have a tendency to give them skills or traits we ourselves  would have liked to have had or weren't able to develop successfully . An that's what those Mary Sue's are for a good portion of those fic writer's. Their those parts of themselves that they always wanted to have or that they don't think anyone else see's . But instead of taking those things and spreading them out amongst a multitude of characters. They just sort of combine them all into one overly perfect super one.I'm not saying thats strictly the case for all of them. But a good portion of those types of fics belong to young or new writers  just starting out and learning about how to develop their charecters. All they need is time and practice .Let me put it this way you don't scream insults  at a baby or toddler just because it doesn't manage to walk across a room by itself the first time do you . No you help them up and offer encouragement until they get there, and that is exactly what you should keep in mind before doing something like  flaming one of those  Mary sue  storys. Constructive criticism is good just be careful how you phrase it so you dont inadvertly damage a new author's confidence. Also  keep in mind not everyone is open to criticism helpful or other wise when it comes to their stories and that's ok to. If they don't want the advice and want to keep things the way they are let them. part of the beauty of any fandom is that its a wonderfully diverse community full of many individual representations. Whether you like it or not. If what their doing isn't really hurting you or anyone and their not open to discussion or advice. Just move on and let them be. Fanfiction is a wonderfully imaginative part of the fan community full of many interpretations of characters original and Canon that a large number of us create and write for fun. so lets just try to keep the hate and spitefulness out of it. I realize this isn't going to miraculously change anything just by posting it. But it might  be something to keep in mind next time you find yourself on the verge of blowing up at some poor tweenagers self insertion fanfic or a poorly done romance fic that has the main Canon character or characters acting completely Ooc. Just keep in mind that this is something that involves imaginary characters Canon and other and it is supposed to be fun. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Sincerely ~winged-wolf-tsuki


United States
I like to draw/paint/write story's and poetry sculpt in clay and I'm trying my hand at wood carving and burning I like to sew and I made an attempt at knitting but unless your in the market for a lovely tangle of knots I'm afraid that ones a no go. I'm an animeaddict and I collect comics, graphic novels, manga and romance novels of the paranormal fantasy and scifi varieties I like to watch old school kung fu movies with bad dubbing and scifi monster movies my favorites are the ones with the really bad special effects like strings holding up the spaceship or a noticeable zipper on the giant attacking Monster/Alien/creature from the depths or science experiment gone horrible wrong and I also have a closet obsession with tmnt known only to close family and friends...and now you if you read all this...^_^#


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