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Modo Chair Ch7 biker mouse fanfic Fanart sketch
The original pencil sketch I did for Modo and Chair from ch 7 of my fanfic, before I cleaned it up, to add the line work and coloring.Speaking of cleaning up I think my scanner may be do a wipe down Itself.
Modo and Chair (Mars needs mates ch 7)
This started off just as a little sketch I did of a scene from my Biker mouse fanfic Mars needs mates. Originally drawn on mixed media paper I scanned it to my computer  then used a usb cable to upload it to my phone so I could do the line work on the sketch guru app. I like using the ribbon tool for outlines, makes me think of a calligraphy brush. I then re-uploaded the pic to my laptop and finished coloring it in photoshop. 
Swat-Kitten doodles
A little doodle I did for a friend, of Felina and Callie as Empress and Caliber  from their Swatkats fanfic swat kittens . Sketched on mixed media paper then inked and colored in photoshop.Felina's eyes are off a bit I may go back and correct that later if I can.
Space mouse phone doodles (Vinnie)bmfm
Another phone doodle I did on break. This one didn't come out quite as good as the one I did for Modo, but I liked it enough to post anyway. 
Unpopular opinion I know but hear me out.

Alright I would like to take a moment  to discuss a topic that almost everyone has an opinion on and almost nobody likes.  Mary sue's. The majority of us know Mary Sue's in general  as overly perfect characters that seemingly fall from the sky and into the Hero/love intrests lap.Who is then magically struck with a combination bolt of love/lust and instantly develops an almost unhealthy fixation on them.Now I know most of us are predisposed to hate Mary sue's upon sight,but I would like to take a moment to remind you why you shouldn't immediately go into burn the witch mode when you discover one. A good portion of the time Mary sue's are among some of the first Oc's created by new fic writer's and you shouldn't be to hard on them because their not trying to make an overly perfect or flat charecter .Come on lets face it. None of us are perfect people and the majority of us that make Oc's have a tendency to give them skills or traits we ourselves  would have liked to have had or weren't able to develop successfully . An that's what those Mary Sue's are for a good portion of those fic writer's. Their those parts of themselves that they always wanted to have or that they don't think anyone else see's . But instead of taking those things and spreading them out amongst a multitude of characters. They just sort of combine them all into one overly perfect super one.I'm not saying thats strictly the case for all of them. But a good portion of those types of fics belong to young or new writers  just starting out and learning about how to develop their charecters. All they need is time and practice .Let me put it this way you don't scream insults  at a baby or toddler just because it doesn't manage to walk across a room by itself the first time do you . No you help them up and offer encouragement until they get there, and that is exactly what you should keep in mind before doing something like  flaming one of those  Mary sue  storys. Constructive criticism is good just be careful how you phrase it so you dont inadvertly damage a new author's confidence. Also  keep in mind not everyone is open to criticism helpful or other wise when it comes to their stories and that's ok to. If they don't want the advice and want to keep things the way they are let them. part of the beauty of any fandom is that its a wonderfully diverse community full of many individual representations. Whether you like it or not. If what their doing isn't really hurting you or anyone and their not open to discussion or advice. Just move on and let them be. Fanfiction is a wonderfully imaginative part of the fan community full of many interpretations of characters original and Canon that a large number of us create and write for fun. so lets just try to keep the hate and spitefulness out of it. I realize this isn't going to miraculously change anything just by posting it. But it might  be something to keep in mind next time you find yourself on the verge of blowing up at some poor tweenagers self insertion fanfic or a poorly done romance fic that has the main Canon character or characters acting completely Ooc. Just keep in mind that this is something that involves imaginary characters Canon and other and it is supposed to be fun. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Sincerely ~winged-wolf-tsuki


United States
I like to draw/paint/write story's and poetry sculpt in clay and I'm trying my hand at wood carving and burning I like to sew and I made an attempt at knitting but unless your in the market for a lovely tangle of knots I'm afraid that ones a no go. I'm an animeaddict and I collect comics, graphic novels, manga and romance novels of the paranormal fantasy and scifi varieties I like to watch old school kung fu movies with bad dubbing and scifi monster movies my favorites are the ones with the really bad special effects like strings holding up the spaceship or a noticeable zipper on the giant attacking Monster/Alien/creature from the depths or science experiment gone horrible wrong and I also have a closet obsession with tmnt known only to close family and friends...and now you if you read all this...^_^#


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